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How to choose flip flops

Addtime: 2014-6-23 19:42:13

Each summer, beautiful flip-flops appeared in many pretty girl feet, it becomes a contracted cityscape.However, wearing flip-flops a long time, you will feel a dull pain in the feet. So you must wear slippers under best control.

There are two drawbacks flip-flops

1. The stability.The only band between walk, want to rely on toes to lift shoes.Because the strap is too thin, key points in the foot and the sole is too small and unstable contact point.Walking in order to increase the contact area and improve the stability of a foot and shoes, often want to hold your toes bend up, pick up the slippers.In order to avoid the embarrassment of shoes "fly" go out, walk also shorten stride, and switch to the medial ankle, form the eight inside the so-called walking posture.For a long time in this unnatural way and attitude to walk hard, not only will the skin torn toes clearance and cause infection, also can lead to lower limb muscle soreness.

2. Poor damping.Flip-flops are thin, flat shoes, damping performance is poorer.While walking to the reaction that human body produce rebound to the feet, so easy to cause the foot muscle strain, pain, and even cause knee joint and spinal injuries.

6 points when choose flip-flops

1. Between the soles and toes shoes can't be too thin, the best is more elastic and soft.
2. The sole not too little.Had better not sponge bottom, otherwise you will aggravate the burden of feet.
3. Should try to wear before buying, in order to achieve the shape of the foot shape and slippers.
4. Each time the flip-flops time had better not exceed 1 hour
5. Wearing flip-flops should pay attention to the road, don't walk fast, or you will than other shoes to wear a sprained ankle.
6. Found wear slippers when change in time.

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