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Buy slippers for old men

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After the elderly, the old man a lot of muscle atrophy, the foot is not exceptional also, some will become dry.If the sole is too thin, it will restrict feet, soles, when you walk, the soles of your feet must be tightly stick to sole.This will make the foot pressure increases, resulting in nervous fatigue occurring of foot.Such as long-term compression and friction, also easy to cause skin damage, especially some in people with diabetes, skin damaged after it is difficult to heal.So it's best to choose 2-3 cm in the heel slippers, or simply wear a bit of cloth shoes, to alleviate the pressure of arch, play a protective role, the old man is wear shoe lace, less as far as possible to choose a block of the slippers.

Cord slippers and flip flops cannot give foot enough bearing surface, whenever heel off the ground, the toe is bound to be bending up trying to "hook" vamp, it belongs to the unnatural power works.Time is too long, can cause crus muscle soreness ahead.To avoid the embarrassment of off the shoes, the old man also unconsciously shorten stride length, easy to cause falls.

The old man instep is generally high, like to buy a bigger size slippers.But in general, the length of the slippers and height should be just able to foot with advisable, it can not only make your feet fully relaxed, also can response, preventing the old man fell down.

One feet away from the heart, blood supply is relatively small, cold feet when the cycle of peripheral induction force is reduced, adaptability and tolerance, cause stiffness, numbness, now suddenly landing or hard, easy cause tissue contusion.And the old man often wear slippers in the home, if ignored the feet to keep warm, cold evil easily through the invasion of human foot, or relapse, or damage to the sun be the spirit, slippers a new disease.Therefore suggested that the old man choose soft, fluffy, slightly thick soles slippers, to isolate the chill.


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