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Names for FLIPFLOP from different countries have significant differences. Through traded with the following countries, we learned a number of different names of FLIPFLOP in different markets. If you plan to wholesale flip flops or custom flip flops, hope expertise we provide can help your business.

Different Names in Different Markets

Jandals in New Zealand
Thongs in Australia
Plakkies and slip-slops (or just slops) in South Africa
Go-aheads in the South Pacific
Flip flops in the UK and Canada
Chappal in India and Pakistan 
Ren zi tuo (人字拖) in China
Flip flops in the USA or clam diggers in Texas
Chinelos in Brazil 
Tsinelas in the Philippines
Tongs in France
Sayonares (σαγιονάρες) in Greece 
Japonki in Poland
Chancletas in Spain 
Shlyopantsi (шлёпанцы) in Russia and Ukraine
Ojotas in Argentina
Klip klappere in Denmark
Sandals, setta or zouri in Japan
Žabky (little frogs) or vietnamky in the Czech Republic
Papuci in Romania
Peullib peullab (플립플랍) in Korea

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